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3 unsafe driving practices

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Drivers must maintain the mental capacity to react to what’s going on around their vehicle. Any driver who’s not in the proper mental state to drive should stay off the roads so they don’t cause crashes.

Unfortunately, some drivers don’t think about the seriousness of being in the right shape to drive and get behind the wheel even if they shouldn’t. This can lead to crashes that cause catastrophic injuries. Knowing the behaviors that are inherently dangerous, yet preventable, can help motorists to make informed choices about their safety and the safety of others.

Drunk driving

Impairment prevents a driver from reacting normally to obstacles and situations on the road. Some signs of an impaired driver include:

  • Swerving in and out of lanes
  • Speeding or diving too slowly
  • Braking without a reason
  • Driving through stop signs and red lights

As the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) increases, the negative driving effects increase.

Drowsy driving

Fatigue can have the same effects on driving abilities as impaired driving. By the time a person is 20 hours without sleep, they have the same effects as a person who has a BAC of .08%, which is considered legally drunk. Microsleeps, which are short spurts of sleep that last up to 30 seconds, are a significant concern. In only five seconds, a vehicle that’s moving 55 miles per hour will go the length of a football field. If a driver is in a microsleep, their vehicle is moving uncontrolled the entire time.

Distracted driving

Distractions can take a driver’s mind, hands or eyes off their driving duties. Even things considered normal like eating while driving or looking at a billboard are distractions. An average of nine people die in this country each day because of a crash involving a distracted driver.

Victims of crashes involving any of these unsafe driving practices may need urgent medical care for catastrophic injuries. They may opt to pursue a compensation claim from the negligent driver at issue to help cover the costs of their harm. A legal representative can help to get a strong case put together and filed within the time allowed by the statute of limitations.