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You Have The Right To A Defense

Facing criminal charges is never easy. Having an experienced attorney at your side is the smartest move you can make. Robert T. Ray Attorney, LLC, is here to remind you that you have rights. We have represented clients throughout Alabama when they were unsure where else to turn. When you need a strong advocate in your corner, look no further.

What You Can Expect When You Work With Us

The mere accusation of a crime can wreak havoc on all areas of your life. In order to protect your future, proper representation is crucial. For over 20 years, our team of attorneys has worked diligently to represent the best interests of our clients. We have handled the most complicated cases and fought for the best possible solution. From a DUI to misdemeanor and felony charges in both state and federal courts, we are here to help. You will never be left to fend for yourself when you retain our services.

While many people think they can defend themselves, it is a risky move. Depending on your case, you could be facing jail time and steep fines. Not to mention, a flag on your permanent record. Our lawyers are here to explain all of your options. After answering your questions and providing you with an honest assessment, we can create a plan that will address all of your concerns. From beginning to end, we will guide you in the right direction.

To Discuss Your Options, Call Today

Criminal charges can influence your reputation, your family and your career. Understand your options by calling our office in Fort Payne today at 256-364-5780. You can also fill out our contact form and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.