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3 of the most common causes of Alabama motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Ambitious motorcycle riders in Alabama can likely use their motorcycle as their primary form of transportation all year, but they must be proactive about protecting themselves from the possibility of a crash. Even when a motorcycle rider isn’t the one to blame for a wreck involving a passenger vehicle, they will often be the one to suffer the worst consequences.

It is easier to make choices that prioritize safety when someone truly understands what puts them at risk on the road. As with any other kind of wreck, there is an infinite variety of factors that can combine to cause motorcycle collisions. However, when one looks at long-term studies reviewing the causes of such crashes, especially the worst crashes that occur, three issues stand out as leading safety concerns.

Inattentional blindness

One of the most concerning safety risks for motorcycle riders is how others in traffic simply don’t notice them. Even though motorcycles are loud and large, other drivers may look at them and never cognitively notice them in traffic because the brain doesn’t always view those smaller vehicles as a safety concern. Some motorcycle riders account for this risk by treating themselves as though they were invisible and letting that influence every decision they make on the road.

Alcohol consumption

A significant number of motorcycle collisions occur because either the motorcycle rider or the person in the bigger vehicle was under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes both parties have had too much to drink, which only makes the situation worse. Alcohol and other drugs can affect a motorcycle rider’s ability to safely maneuver their vehicle and may exacerbate the inattentional blindness that those in larger vehicles often experience.

Excess speed

Driving too fast for road conditions is a safety concern for anyone, but especially motorcycle riders. It’s far too easy to lose control at higher speeds, and the outcome of even a single-vehicle crash at higher speeds can prove tragic.

Those who have a realistic idea about what increases their risk of a collision while on a motorcycle will be in a better position to make safety-conscious choices. Avoiding known risk factors and making safety a top priority can reduce someone’s likelihood of being involved in a motorcycle crash.