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How the blind spots around semi-trucks can inspire crashes

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2024 | Truck Crashes |

Semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles are major hazard risks in traffic. One of the reasons they are so dangerous is their size. The height, width and length of the average semi-truck make it an imposing presence on the road. The size of a commercial vehicle also makes it a more difficult vehicle to manage. Commercial drivers require special training and licenses to safely and legally operate semi-trucks. They need to know how to handle bigger, heavier vehicles safely in traffic. Even those driving near commercial trucks in traffic may have to adjust their driving for optimal safety.

One of the issues related to a truck’s size that can contribute to major collisions involves their large blind spots. How can blind spots put people at risk of motor vehicle collisions?

Truck drivers can’t see smaller vehicles

The main concern about the blind spots around a semi-truck is how someone might essentially be invisible to its driver. Even when there are extra mirrors on the sides of a semi-truck’s cab, the driver may not be able to see someone directly behind the trailer.

Vehicles in the lane to the left of the trailer or in the two lanes to the right of the trailer may also be difficult to spot before merging or turning. Vehicles in those blind spots can end up severely damaged when a semi-truck driver maneuvers without seeing them. Avoiding those blind spots as much as possible is the key to minimizing the possibility that a semi-truck might crash into a smaller vehicle.

People can’t see around semi-trucks

In certain situations, semi-trucks can also create blind spots for other vehicles in traffic. Someone following a semi-truck on a two-lane road might want to pass it. However, they likely cannot see around the semi-truck to spot oncoming traffic. They have to pull into the left lane to see if there are other vehicles approaching. Drivers might be at risk of a crash if they do not conduct a quick maneuver should there be a vehicle approaching rapidly.

Those who understand the hazards related to commercial trucks may have an easier time making safe choices around them in traffic.